About Putt Putt Boat Engines

There are two kinds of putt putt boat engine: the diaphragm kind I concentrate on in this site, and the looped copper tubing kind.

How Putt Putt Engine Work (diaphragm type)

Though relatively simple construction, putt putt engines ingeniously harness several principles of physics to push the boat and make raucous boat noises.

Copper Coil Engine

The advantage of the copper tubing engine is the relative ease of construction, and you cannot wreck it with too much heat. The disadvantage of the coil design is that it is often slower and makes little or no noise.

Experiments with Coil Engines

Experiments by my good friend from the Netherlands, Dr.Guus Flogel

I'd like to know how this project goes for you. I'm happy to answer questions about it. Feedback from you is an important way for me to know what works and what needs clarification.