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Welcome to SciencetoyMaker!

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Ashutosh Bhakuni from India

Contrary to what I’d hoped, I rarely get substantial feedback about walkalong gliders; but when I do, it’s precious. Ashutosh Bhakuni has provided the most detailed and helpful feedback—from a beginner learning to make and fly gliders, to best strategies for teaching groups to fly. Based on the insight gained in our discussions, I’ve set about making a new instructional video series about walkalong gliders (a work in progress and will be for months to come).

Our correspondence grew to great friendship. I learned that Ashutosh was volunteering for a youth development group as he attained his degree in computer engineering. Instead joining a lucrative IT company, he ‘downgraded’ himself by getting an MA in social sciences and joined an NGO’s hands-on science program. I admire him so much, and not just for his work bringing hands-on science experiences into schools; Ashutosh has also expanded my awareness of social justice issues and interesting things in the world.

Ashutosh's Facebood post and YouTube channel

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Make an airplane from a dragonfly helicopter.

Companion web page.

Hotwire Cut Foam for Walkalong Gliders Update

This is an addition to an earlier video about hotwire cutting thin foam paper for walkalong gliders. Companion web page: Slice Your Own Foam for Walkalong Gliders