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Welcome to SciencetoyMaker!

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Dr. Tim Swaits

Dr. Tim Swait just sent this video of Korean students beginning to fly walkalong gliders.

He wrote:
Slater, still getting lots of use from your walkalong gliders! Here's a group of Korean students we gave them to. I find that it works well if you want to introduce a competitive element to run a relay race. Split the group into teams, every person has their own glider but one board per team. The board then acts like the relay baton that they pass on at the end of the room. If people want to be competitive then they can add extra weight to increase the wing loading and make the glider fly faster! It was interesting to do a comparison between a glider trimmed for min sink rate (minimum possible amount of weight as far forwards as possible, min possible washout), one trimmed for max glide (a little more weight but not so far forwards to maintain a slightly rearwards CG position still with min washout) and one trimmed for racing (much more weight and max washout), not very efficient but very stable and if you can run fast enough to keep up with it then you'll get across the room most quickly!  --Tim

Dr. Swait's YouTube Channel

More about Dr. Swait and walkalong gliders.

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Make an airplane from a dragonfly helicopter.

Companion web page.

Hotwire Cut Foam for Walkalong Gliders Update

This is an addition to an earlier video about hotwire cutting thin foam paper for walkalong gliders. Companion web page: Slice Your Own Foam for Walkalong Gliders

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