Advanced Projects

Advanced science toys  require the maturity of teenagers and adults to build. I built them with my classes of middle school students. There are usually a couple of hours of work time involved.

Air Surfing (AKA Walkalong Gliding) with very thin foam. Levitate even with only your hands. Looks like magic, but what’s the science?

The Ponyo Type Putt Putt Boat has a real candle powered steam engine made from a soda can and straws.

Wind-up Dragonfly Helicopters fly higher than the tallest trees. Here is a high-performance version.

The Overhead Water Rocket Launcher uses pressurized air and water to launch 2-liter bottle rockets.

Make a Hot Air Balloon from a plastic bag.

Robot Hands work like our real hands... with strings attached.

Is this simple electronic project a Lie Detector or not? Click for the truth.

Aside from the shear fun of it, making the Robot Voice 10 Cent Talk Box reveals how we turn raw sound from our vocal folds into speech.

It's not high-tech, but whistling on an Acorn Cap involves some cool science.

Make rubber band powered Airplanes from scratch, even the props. They fly great.

This is Not a Popgun and I'm not going to show you how to make it...unless you overwhelm my security by clicking.

I'd like to know how these projects go for you. I'm happy to answer questions about them. Feedback from you is an important way for me to know what works and what needs clarification.