Before You Start Building a Putt Putt Boat

Before you start building, understand that this is not a slop-it-together project. You have to follow directions exactly, and, from the feedback I get, most people need to build a second one before it works. I like this e-mail from Jordan:

Mr Slater Harrison,

My name is Jordan and I'm from Greece. I'm 14 years old and I must say that I'm not very good at physics! But, I wanted to make something like a wooden construction so I searched on YouTube and I came up with your video about putt-putt boat! I thought that it was exactly what I wanted to do! Then, I saw all the videos of this boat. It looked so simple but when I started  I realized that it wasn't! My first try was a failure... well, I think it was a disaster because in the end my desk was full of epoxy!! My second try was a success! (I have one photo attached) When I saw it working I was very proud of my self!!

I must say that your site is fantastic and I'm planning to build a plane next time! (I hope that I won't break anything!) ( I will inform you!)

Yours sincirelly,

Jordan has just the right attitude: keep trying!

And for those who wants to take up the challenge of building your own Putt Putt Boat, here are the instructions.