Overhead Water Rocket Launcher Gallery

Jonathan Beutlich and his students

Here's a fun video from Jonathan Beutlich, jr high science teacher, of his students making rockets.

Mark Schilke

Here is a multi-pronged approach to water rocket launchers by Mark Schilke. This whole page is launcher variations that people have sent in.

Mike Werling and his daughter

WHAT A BIRTHDAY PARTY! Mike Werling's daughter asked for a science-themed 13th birthday party. These are party favors, Tracy Bahr's free standing variation. They also used the overhead design to cool off.
To see the other great science activities at the party check out Mike's cool blog.

Salvador Robert

These pictures were sent to me by Mr. Salvador Robert of Spain. He added the idea of a wider, more rigid pipe, except for the end.

Shannon and her Bear Scouts

Here are some pictures from Shannon--den leader of 3rd grade "Bear Scouts" from the southern state of Louisiana. The scouts, she wrote, "...built a luncher and designed their own rockets. We met to discuss the Scientific Method and compile our Purpose and Hypothesis. We built our rockets from re-cycled materials ONLY and then we launched after discussing the safety measures that you described on your website. We tracked weight of the rockets, amount of water annd air pressure for each boy and noted our observations. Then we calculated the distance using a program we found on the internet. The boys really had a blast."
"It was one of our favorite projects to date!"