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For Walkalong Glider Newbies:

These products will get you started.

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Ready to fly Baby Bug gliders made from Time Warp foam, which is denser and slightly thicker than Ultra Time Warp foam.

10 gliders  $12.00+shipping


Made from Ultra Time Warp foam, which is delicate and tears easily, but you'll experience almost magical, slow, efficient flight.

10 Gliders   $14+Shipping


Time Warp foam  sheets to build your own gliders, plus  ready-to-fly glider

90 foam sheets + 1 ready-to-fly glider    $18.00+shipping


For Advanced Pilots:

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Yes, you can collect and slice your own foam. The kit includes the things that might be difficult to find locally.

Note: I no longer include the black and red wires with alligator clips at the ends (I reduced the price, too).

$15 USD + Shipping

Blocks of ultra low density Ultra Time Warp foam for cutting your own sheets.

5 sheets already cut.

One ready-to-fly glider made from Ultra Time Warp foam.

$10 USD + Shipping

I like special projects and try to be helpful when people experiment. Do you need an odd size of foam or particular thickness? Or would you just like some advice? Contact me and maybe I can help you out with material, advice or both.