The design that's not a flop

The embedded video below shows how to heat bottle caps in a teflon pan, melt them together and drill a hole to connect two bottles together to make whirlpools.

If YouTube is blocked at your school, try this SchoolTube link of the same video.


By clicking in the "INSTRUCTIONS" box below, you'll find written directions for making making an older way I used to use to connect bottles.

There are lots of web pages that show you how to connect two soda bottles together to make a vortex. Mind you, it's a great idea. I've been mesmerized for hours watching the wavy sides of the vortex and seeing bits of ribbon accelerate into the the center of the whirlpool. But the designs I've seen all flop around and leak. Duct tape might be "handyman's secret weapon," but wrapping endless amounts around two bottle necks is not going to fix those two problems. A couple of pennies worth of plastic pipe and food-wrap will.


To make a vortex in a bottle click here or on the picture.


For explanations, activities and cool links related to vorticesclick here or on the picture.



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