Surf an Origami Big Mouth Tumblewing on a Wave of Air

Big Mouth Tumblewing pattern (PDF, print with no scaling)
Text of the video narration .
Old tumblewing page

Astonishing! You are flying a piece of paper, surfing it on a wave of air created with cardboard. There are many branches of walkalong gliding, but the Big Mouth Tumblewing is the easiest way to start. You only need phone book paper or newspaper. This video starts with a introduction, then instructions for making and flying tumblewings. If YouTube is blocked at your school, here is the Schooltube equivalent.


Here are some other instructional videos about making the classic, original tumblewings. This one is by John Collins (The Paper Airplane Guy and tumbling wing inventor).

and here are some by Phil Rossoni, here and here

and here

Once you master making and flying tumblewings, the next logical step is foam gliders.

Who is doing what with air surfing?
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