Questions and Answers About International Postage.
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How long will it take to get my package? By default, we use the least expensive shipping method, and it is slow. Most international packages take 2 weeks to Europe and 3 weeks to Asia/Australia. However, a few have taken as long as long as a month. Sometimes a package is shipped to the wrong country first! The packages get to thier destination eventually, but even slower than usual. These countries have arrangements with the USPS for automatic tracking. If you have an event, please place your order far ahead. Also allow for some time to learn to fly so you can better help others. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, here is a walkalong gliding method that only uses paper. Paper is much heavier than foam, harder to launch and fly, but it is good practice. When you get your foam gliders, you will learn to fly them much faster because of your experience with paper gliders. Please note that I cannot ship regular post to Egypt or India.

Can I pay extra to get it here faster? Yes, but it is very expensive, costing over $100 USD for guaranteed delivery date--usually much more than the cost of the contents. I try to discourage rushed orders for reasons explained here but I try to respond to individual circumstances if people contact me.

Why is the cost of international shipping so high? I want to see young people everywhere in the world experiment with air-surfing. I want to make the thin foam available inexpensively to teachers. Unfortunately, the cost of postage to outside the U.S. has gone up drastically, as explained in this article. And it got worse January 19, 2016. The new minimum postal cost that we pay for any package up to 8 ounces is $13.50 USD; 9 oz. to 2 lbs is $22.75; up to 3 lbs is $33.75, etc. Although I get frustrated with the cost increases, if I gave a box to some random person and asked them to deliver it to, say, Australia, they would charge me hundreds of dollars. So by that comparison maybe it's not so bad. Furthermore, we spend extra time filling out customs forms for all packages sent outside the U.S. We do not charge extra money for that service because we feel bad that our international friends are already paying a lot for postage. So it is a kind of worthwhile subsidy for international customers

What have you done to reduce shipping cost? We spend extra time to fit gliders and foam into boxes that are just the right size, so you are not paying postage for extra packaging. Sometimes when people order two different items, I am able to put them in the same box, so we save some postage cost. If so, I put in extra gliders or foam for no additional cost, or refund the extra postal cost. Shipping to Canada is $4 less expensive than other countries, so I refund the difference.

What can I do to reduce shipping cost? You can get just an envelope; or you can get together with other people and make a large order. If you order just an envelope of gliders and foam, then we can send it for only the cost of a letter--and there are no customs forms to fill out! Alternately, many of the products do not add any additional postage if you order more than one of the same item. That's what I mean by "flat rate shipping". So you could order 8 or 10 or 100 of something--the ready-to-fly gliders, for example, and pay the same shipping cost as if you had ordered just one. And very large bulk orders have a better ratio of contents cost to shipping cost.

Can I make my own thin foam and not need yours? It takes time and effort to set up, but yes. Understand my position. I am a retired teacher with a good pension--I don't need money. The sales from foam and gliders goes directly to the Physics Factory for science STEM education in the U.S. and throughout the world. Spreading this wonderful, almost magical kind of flying is what is important to me--in whatever way works best for you. Here is what's involved to cut your own thin foam.

If your shipping address is a P.O. Box number... If your address is a P.O. Box number, then the United States Postal System requires that I put a phone number on the customs form. A phone number is not required for a street address.

My traveling days are over. I depend on you, friends throughout the world, to share walkalong flight with people where you live.

If you still have questions about international shipping, please contact me, Slater.

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