HOW TO MAKE THE CLASSIC SPINNING BUTTON (and how it's perfect for explaining all 3 of Newton's Laws of Motion.

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I first heard from Mark Schilke when he sent pictures and video of a of his amazing water rocket launcher variation that shoots 5 rockets off at once!

Mark and his daughter Lelia collaborated on teaching her classmates how to make the folk toy, the spinning button (aka buzz saw). And I've never seen a clearer, succinct way to explain Sir Issac Newton's famous 3 laws of motion.

It is in Word format. You can click on any of the pictures or here to see it.

Mark also sent these related links:

Here is a website showing some noise-making versions of the basic string spinner:

Back when Lelia was in kindergarten, we made a couple of big-ish (8" square) spinners out of corrugated cardboard that were similar to #222. More recently, we had a modern plastic version of #242.

See also these websites:

The video on this website has some of the action drift out of the frame, but it gets the main points across:

And of course, one can get as elaborate as one wants with the making of this toy:

Finally, this with the comment, "What were the redneck's last words? 'Hey, hold my beer and watch this!"