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Let’s take a moment to honor a great teacher facing a big transition. Thomas Buchwald has been a Technik teacher in Germany at the Wild Park School, where many of the kids are round pegs in square holes. But they thrive in the creative atmosphere of Thomas’ workshop—and who wouldn’t?! Now the Wild Park School is being closed, ostensibly to integrate the students into standard education. It remains to be seen if they will have a workshop and if Thomas will be able to conduct the sort of hands-on education that he does so well. In any case, perhaps we can all click on the “YouTube” symbol at the bottom right of the embed, to go to the original YT page; leave thumbs up and a comment. Let’s thank Thomas for his inspired work with students and wish him the best in his new school/position. More of Thomas’ work.


Michael Thompson, the great walkalong glider innovator and Phil Rossoni , walkalong glider author, visited from Wisconsin and Boston.We joined Erik Herman in Ithaca for some teaching gigs. We also went to the Lock Haven Piper Museum and worked with kids at a summer camp. The video has some previews of upcoming projects, including adding propellers to walkalong gliders, really good wind-up helicopters, rockets that release helicopter autogyros (I think I'm going through a helicopter phase) and more.



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