More about moose calls, vibration and sound

If you liked the Moose Call project, you might also like another quick and easy sound project that turns a straw into a reed instrument (saxophones, clarinets, snake charmer's horns, harmonicas and duck calls are all reed instruments). To go to the introduction page, click here.


Here is a page from the howstuffworks people about sound. Although the page is a bit cluttered with advertising, I really like the animation they have of a bell ringing. It shows how air molecules collide against each other to create a spreading shock wave to our ears. It's a more interesting way to begin to understand sound than still pictures.


Here is a product which is very similar to the Moose Call. However, instead of a string there is a "tape" with very precise grooves (similar to LP record groves--before CDs) that create words when you pull the string. The phrases are hard to understand. I found "happy new year" to be the easiest to understand. When you go to this page, type "talking tapes" in the search box.

This page is still under construction. If you know of a good web page about sound, please contact me and let me know.


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