This project is under construction. My students used to make these helicopters and launchers. They would go amazingly high in the air--as high as the tallest trees. But they have to have weight in the tips to have the momentum to keep them going (the flywheel effect). If not built correctly or if the copters get banged up, the centripital force causes them to fly apart dangerously. So I tried using non-hardening modeling clay instead of coins for weight. But modeling clay eventually releases an oily substance that causes tape and glue to fail. So now I'm going back to a non-symetrical airfoil and coins or steel wahers again and I'm developing a launcher that gets the spinning copter overhead, but there's lots of development work to be done.

You can see the rough first draft of the introduction and instructional video (has to be completely redone) here

Here are some still pictures from the introduction and instructions.


Check back the final version of the instructions.

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